Welcome to our Hakomi Training Workshop

April 29th -May 1st  2017, Oslo.

This workshop runs for three full days: Saturday 10.15-18.00, Sunday 12.15-19.30 and Monday 11am-18.00. The workshop is open to anybody, but is also part of the ongoing Hakomi Training. 

Bettina Deuster is a Hakomi trainer and body psychotherapist based in Dusseldorf. She studied closely with Ron Kurtz, the founder of the method, and she has thought in Norway for two years.

Early Bird (register and pay before April 1st): 2700 NOK
Regular Price: 3000 NOK
The fee is paid to bank account: 98012307306 (Skandiabanken).

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Based on gentleness, the method creates the safety we need for deep explorations into the habitual patterns and belief systems that structure our experience. It is in such an atmosphere that our natural healing impulses are set in motion, leading to a sense of personal empowerment and a richer appreciation for life. In Hakomi the body is the portal to our unconscious.

Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern therapeutic technique.

–John Bradshaw,
author of Bradshaw on the Family

Hakomi is an excellent system for learning key emotional intelligence skills.

–Daniel Goleman,
author of Emotional Intelligence